I’m Jesse, and I’m traveling through Asia. I update my new adventures to this site every couple of weeks, so please follow along!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Cool, man. Your writing is good. Your scenes with dialogue are spot on — we get the action, the people, what they’re saying, what you’re thinking. Those are all essential, and well done. Love the encounter with the dog, with the guy in the bar, etc. Now, just a little more external description: let us have the sights, sounds, smells — the texture — of whatever setting you’re in: India, Singapore, Thailand. You’re in an exotic setting; let us experience that with you through the specific details you notice. We’re lovin’ reading this, so rock on, dude!

      • Jesse! Love the new post from the yoga studio. Great insight into what you’re experiencing, and the context into which you’re placing it. Sounds like you’re getting the real yoga deal, not the American Lite version. Go for it, bro! And uh… if you want me to break the news that Stan’s ducks aren’t on the menu next Christmas, just say the word. Gives the old man plenty of time to start working on a pond-scum curry.

  2. I finally found the blog! Nice work bro! Clearly uncle Joe’s literary skills exceed mine, but I thinking it’d be interesting to hear where you were off to next at the end of each post. Unless, of course your destination is still unknown…

    • Hey thanks for the advice man. I think it would be good to give a little foreshadowing as to what the next post is going to be. I’ll see if I can fit something like that in there.

  3. Jesse, Enjoyed the yoga session. You have a real gift in conveying to your reader the sounds and sights you are experiencing. Keep it up! Can’t wait till the next post. DDO

  4. I literally just found your blog today. Kelly found it on Aunt Lynne’s facebook and sent me the link. But anyways, looks like you’re having a blast! I think my favorite so far was your standoff with the dog bc I could totally see you doing that! I look forward to reading your future posts! 🙂 p.s. I’ve been meaning to tell you that you’re now the uncle of a cute little black lab puppy named Jedi!

  5. Hi Jesse — I tried following your adventures but haven’t been able to access anything since late January. What am I doing wrong? I’m really interested in your adventures as that is part of the world I’ve always been interested in. I’ve printed out some of your reports for Stan to read. Hope you can advise me on how I can get on track again.

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