How to be like Akshay Kumar

Bollywood music videos are arguably some of the best works of art ever made. They are also some of the most confusing. They are featured in the major Bollywood films and help tell the story in a fun and energetic way. It’s almost the same way older Disney movies used musical scenes to explain important events, except this is for grownups. If you haven’t seen the movies that these music videos are in don’t worry, they’re so damn fun that you don’t mind watching them as they are.

One of the most famous actors in Bollywood is Akshay Kumar. He is a legend and my personal Indian role model. He doesn’t actually sing in the music videos he’s in, but he dances like a freaking champ. I added links to three of his best music videos below.

Balma Song from Khiladi 786

This video was featured in one of Kumar’s latest hits, Khiladi 786. It’s a standard Kumar video with scenes of him juggling multiple girlfriends mixed in with scenes of him kicking scores of bad guys asses. The first featured girl is Claudia Ciesla, dressed for this flick as an Indian woman. She tries to charm Kumar with her sex appeal and promiscuous dance moves. However, she is no match for the cool and put together Asin Thottumkal who strolls into the bar like a rich Indian girl and ultimately steals Kumar’s attention.

“Subha Hone Na De Full Song” from Desi Boyz

Kumar and his buddy, John Abraham, roll into the club and pick up every girl in the place. All is fun and good until Abraham’s girlfriend strolls in. They sent in a serious shipment of white girls for this one. How’d they find so many in Mumbai?

Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita from Rowdy Rathore

This time Kumar is playing a small time crook in the hit Rowdy Rathore. After falling in love at first site with the beautiful Sonakshi Sinha, he goes on to capture her heart through his smooth style and wit. Using his immense street cred and extremely good luck that so many trained backup dancers are around, he puts together a spectacular display to show off that he is the coolest guy on the block. Sonakshi is so impressed she starts to fall for him too.


3 thoughts on “How to be like Akshay Kumar

    • Yeah it’s pretty interested. Believe it or not, in terms of number of viewers Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood. I am in Thailand right now. It’s a beautiful country. I am going to stay and teach English for a while. But hey thanks for reading!

  1. Nice work Jesse .. Kudos for getting involved in different cultures in such a short time. Hope you are having fun and not creating a storm out somewhere.

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